Weston Wheels 2001

Weston Wheels 2001

Piccys: Dinks & Sj - Wordings: Dinks

(Article text is of vintage age... beware 🙂 )

The event was definitely the place to be for that weekend... The whole of Weston's cruisers seemed to be charged with excitement for this first legal event. Then there were those of us coming down to visit what was originally intended to be a legal event for the usual bunch. But we couldn't miss it.

The weather seemed to be holding up well, and the dodgy clouds were passing us by. We had to be early as we had planning to do, and a club area to get the cars into. We were certainly looking forward to the event getting going, but as we arrived quite some hours early, it seemed like the day would drag on...

Eventually we got into the site. That was Dinks with his K&N'd Saxo, Sj, Cooper with his mad mini, and we met up with Archie with his gorgeously shod Scort Cossie. Very nice. After some confusion with a marshal that was half asleep, and rude and unfriendly comments from a member of Streetcarz.co.uk (geezer with camera) on their stand as we manoeuvred around to find our spot, we managed to get located in the club area. We got the cars organised and awaited the onslaught of cruisers. Soon enough the parking area started to fill. The organisers opened the event early as they were aware that there was going to be a lot of people arriving. Trouble was they never realised that it was more like the coming of a second plague of locusts... space for 2000 cars??? yes... but looking out at the road, and from what we were hearing from some friends still out there every road leading to the event was chocker... well and truely buggered!.

It was big... oh my word was it big!  They reckoned that over 3000 cars entered the event by the end of the night. As we stood and watched, as cars left just as many cars entered the event!... And there was sorted motors aplenty, as well as gorgeous girls (and blokes SJ says!). The Miss Weston Wheels was a highlight (no pics I'm afraid lads... too many people for me to get close with my feeble camera!) as a selected few girls stood to answer questions such as "spit or swallow"... you see the level of the competition.... with the most class answer of the evening being "gargle" by the first lady!. Those ladies that chose to expose their pertnesses in front of several hundred lads where hailed by huge cheers!.
At least we did get a pic of this naughty topless lady on the With4wheels stand. As she decided to give in to the calls of "get'm out, go-on".. how could she resist.. well as you can see, she didn't!

We did our usual wander round to bring you some pics of hot motors and ICE that we saw... so check out the images!. We ordered some cool graphics from the Smart Signs stand, and even though we encountered a few problems at the event, Fiona of Smart Signs soon sorted everything out for us. So we ended up very pleased with them! Cheers again!
The event was without question a total success. The organisers were unsure what the reaction would be after blocking roads up for hours... but it seems that the Police and Council were happy with how things progressed. The Rozzers certainly had a field day picking up on anyone who had stepped out of line with mods and tweaks.... oh and we did spot the sneaky camera car at the side of the road!