The Reunion – @ Towcester Racecourse 09-2021

What an event, bringing back the sounds, music, the ladies and obviously the cars of the real birth of Modding and Car Cruising with a thundering smash!

The weather was perfect, well maybe too hot, but who cares?  We got ready.. Myself, and the next gen of car lovers (in training) son who has just got his own first car, and daughter currently learning... What would they think? would it be weird? or cool... Unfortunately SJ was skiving off from this one, but hopefully we can have some of the old team together next time.

So the three of us piled in the car.. and set off.  The drive was surprisingly uneventful but then unlike old times my paranoia meant setting off early enough to miss the main rush of visitor arrivals.

We walked into the event, and I had that feeling, like being back home, here were the sounds of my youth, loud music, car stereos' mixing, and tyre squeals from the Drift cars, and so much polished metal.  Those properly organised events that we always covered, Max Power Live, Ultimate Fast Car, Weston Wheels, and so many naughty naughty, very naughty Car cruise meets around the country.   I still talk of the times Mental Motors used to get the press passes for events like Max Power Live, Donny Show, and Traxx...

So this was a highlight in such crap times, lifting the COVID mood, while still hoping not to get coughed all over and given it by some fucker who doesn't care.  No missing the stage as we walked in, showing videos of old Max Power events and playing the tunes we remember.  DJ Richie Don gracing the decks, and assisted by some of the old Max P crew.  It wasn't long before the stage was busy with the ladies, some of whom were originals, the pioneers that put up with the now considered non-politically correctly questioning.. and some new younger girls who looked a bit like a deer in the headlights when questioned with such masterpieces of the verbal rhetoric .. such as "Do you play the Pink Oboe?" they came back with "erm... not sure..." they knew something was afoot, but not how deep in it they were treading... and then it happened... old Max Power legends cross examining the collection of victims.. erm.. ladies... "So, which do you prefer, Pink or Brown?" ... oh we were home... it was like the whole PC brigade had never happened... all the old original posse laughed lecherously... some youngers looked on bemused.. the divide had been opened... Soon the ordeal (for now) was over.. they marked time until the 3pm continuation... till the "some nudity" that was   threatened.. erm promised..

Soon the music fired up again, awesome mixes of the old tunes we know and some new, cleverly mixed and kept the mood going.  Later they introduced Jamie Shaw, he of much note, a man known for great car modding, original thought... and some awesome events. - We recall our VIP invite only time attending the Carisma and Fuel launch party... now that was a special time, with lasers, the fuel pole dancers, extreme minimal outfits on the dancers.. happy times...  And here again, rejuvenated once more was the classic TVR in gold, that Jamie Shaw created, amongst many others, notably the various Renault 5's.  But eventually Even Jamie was no match for the sounds of the Drift racers doing their thing...

But walking around the rest of the show were so many more, some old cars that have been lovingly revived,  and some new modded beasts also worth seeing.

Also happening was the drifting display.  This is always spectacular and today was no exception.  Modded Nissan's and BMW's were screaming around the figure of 8, slipping as close to the crowd as they could, and plenty of tyre smoke to be imbibed.  We were lucky enough to enjoy the cars that misjudged the walls, and minced up their rears for our viewing ...

Photo by NJ


I found my inner Max Power ... my camera just wanted me to turn it to that times angle.. the Max Power covershot feature angle.. yes you know the one... and then back to crouching down, damn, is it that long since I was doing this back in the day? My legs soon hurt, my head got dizzy with down and up at each car.. but still needed to get those shots.. and as you'll see they are here.

So for the cars? what was there? everything! really.. all the old hot Hatches we loved and owned, everyone has their one true love, mine the XR2i Fiesta ... SJ's is the Nova's and Saxo's... and they were all present, Fiesta XR2's, RS Turbos, Nova GSi's and SR's Saxo VTS's Peugeot 205 GTi's, and everything in between. SO many perfect machines with their shining paint, the necessary excess power from polished tuned engines, gleaming interiors and meaty stereos.  There was even the obligatory Ausin Metro, do you ever remember a cruise where one DIDN'T turn up at some point? no me neither.


One of the surprises to us was the Daewoo Matiz... yeah I know what you are thinking... but no... this thing had a V6 monster shoehorned somehow under its tiny bonnet.. a Vauxhall/GM Frankenstein's monster of a thing, just reading the specs of the car, this engine is unreal.  Not sure I'd trust the crash integrity though.. but definitely would be fun at the Traffic lights!

The event even had a whole menagerie of supercars in attendance too.  McLarens, Lambo's Ferrari's, Porsche's ... there was so much to drool over!


If this event becomes a regular, count us in on being there every year!  I know the general consensus has been the same in the modding car community.  There is still no one like the old Max Power style to make these events something to be worth being at.   Maybe its time Fast Car magazine did something old school too... ? (Mind you they gave up on Ultimate Fast Car at Santa Pod so very long ago!)

See our photos, which will be added to as we sort them all out!