Max Power Live 2002

(Old Text from 2002)
Babble: Dinks - Pics, SJ, Dinks, and Paul.

We were overjoyed when we were invited to visit Max Power Live 2002 to produce our usual event report, Myself (Dinks) and SJ got our lives together, grabbed camera gear and set off on a gloriously hot Sunday.

It was so hot that I really wished my currently non-functioning electric windows actually worked. When I turned to SJ, not having had my current car (3.0l Senator) long, and said “don’t worry, I’ll open the sun-roof and we’ll soon get some cool air in here”… my voice tailed off as I realised that the sunroof was not going to open, tilt yes, open no… great! So off we went fan blower going flat out , SJ and myself melting slowly into our seats, so much that to get out the car we needed someone to wring out the seats so we could pour ourselves out.

Well, here we were at the NEC in Birmingham, not a bad journey, and easily parked. We headed in, signed in at the press office and got on our way to see what was what.

We were due to meet top model babe, Tracey, who as you may know by now is Mental Motors Babe of 2002. This was so we could get some pictures for you lot to enjoy… oh I suppose I enjoyed it a little tiny bit, taking the pics. Hard work being staff photographer for Mental Motors sometimes!

I we walked in I soon became aware that there must be nearly as many sexy babes here as there are sexy cars… I had a problem keeping water intake up to the level of drool being expelled … but I survived.

The usual current swarm of Saxo’s made themselves present, they were everywhere, if you could recognise them, since some had such awesome body kits that you had to stop for a moment to see what it was. Sj dealt with collecting pictures of them, and the many other cars there, while I unfortunately had to deal with capturing the model babes gorgeousness on film.

I was aware that I was surrounded by some of the hottest metal in the country at the moment, cars I term mental, like AC Cobra replica’s, Integra’s and Plymouth Prowlers… it was all here, as well as the obviously mental motors, such as those with some of the loudest stereo installs I have ever heard, or not as my hearing was fading fast.

There was also a lot of add on goodies, for those with a little cash to spare. There were more neon gadgets for your car than at ET’s family get-together Christmas tree special. It was everywhere, wish I had a bit more cash, would have loved a few more funky blue glowing gadgets! But at least I’ve got a few good value contacts now!

We did, of course eventually find Tracey on the Ultimate Street Car stand, posing for lucky blokes… until we stole her away to get a few pics which you can find elsewhere! [more of that here].
She graced our fcuking Mad Mondeo friend, Paul’s car.. as well as making one guys day when we asked if it was okay for Tracey to lean on his ultra fine Corsa, he did not refuse as you might imagine… in fact I think he nearly strained something getting out his motor ready for Tracey to lurvvvv… Tracey did some lovely work to go to show what a great choice for our Babe of 2002 she is.. so we hope to see more of her sometime in the future when the surrounding area is quieter!

There were some great freebie bags being given out too, and you needed them too, especially the ones that contained drinks! It was so hot!. But as the day went on it started to get a little quieter, this meant we could see more of the stands, and this was when Sj suddenly found herself lured into taking the Fulda challenge, which meant her doing 1000 metres on the rowing machine, as many dips as she could in 2 minutes, and as many press-ups as she could in 2 minutes!. Mad if you ask me, I felt knackered just watching her bobbing up and down…. She got a nice Fulda baseball cap for her troubles though, being the only woman up until that time to take the challenge that day! She paid in bigger style later, believe me!

Overall it was a great day, and the pictures we took, and some Paul took from the weekend go to show why it was worth going… what a great event, I had a huge grin all day long!