Lawn Mowing Simulator

Ok, so possibly the weirdest gaming simulator of all time… This is a serious sim, its really you, the man, and his trusty petrol lawn mowing companion… no! really, this is the game…

Ever wondered what it is like to drive a big powerful ride-on mower? no? me neither.. but seeing the demo, I had to give it a try.

To be fair, its actually very accurate, and I’ve driven a ride-on that is identical to the base game yellow mower. It works and sounds about right. So yes thats great, except this is a game and you’re supposed to take it seriously and cut some customers grass exceptionally well to please the people and get paid.

Ok I couldn’t do that, but this is in the interests of testing the game mechanics after all. So yes its true you can cut the garden owners prize flowers down, and cut a giant penis shape into their lawn… but you probably shouldn’t. I had to for testing purposes.

So yes the game runs really well on an average graphics machine, and yes it feels right, it feels like the “enjoyment” you get sitting for hours on a ride-on lawn mower cutting grass. But there is no satifying cut grass smell, no unexpected getting your skin ripped apart as you accidentally ram your arm through the thorny bushes… but it works great.

So next time you look out at your garden and think “I really should go and cut that grass…” now you can just decide to grab a beer and do the same while sat in your favourite chair indoors with Lawn Mower Simulator…. and obviously let your garden grow out of control and let the neighbours hate you…

Lawn Mowing Simulator

Enjoy my strictly for test purposes video : –