Donny Show 2004

Back in 2004 we visited the Donny Show, always one of our favourites!   

[Text from 2004, so apologies for that, lol !]

As usual the event was heaving, there were cars a plenty, and some action, in the babe front as well as the motors!. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ashly amongst other gorgeous lovelies. We also came across (or should I re-word that?) the Ripspeed dancers.. oh yes... wow etc...

There were some outstanding cars present as well mind you, as obviously this event is about cars (excuse our lack of pictures of them though, the camera taking those pics seems to have suffered and we lost many!!! hey but at least we didn't lose the all important babe pics!

The action arena has to be the most fun though, we watch a real pro manage to kill the transmission on a stunt car, and then immediately afterwards trash a TVR, fantastic and definitely worth every penny of the admission fee!.
We even found a man with a novel way to support his "man-boobs", oh yes....
Mind you, if that pair of lovely (and somehow nicely cheeky) ladies is the best way to get your excess chest area supported, then I better get down the shop and start buying lard! I want a pair.

One outstanding car present was a Lambo door equipped Calibra...

Oh we did spot space Aliens at the show too, but judging by the Ripspeed girls faces, they just aren't as well hung as us Humans!! tee hee!

But we'll let the pictures speak better.... as there are many.